• Suarez Battan & Asociados did a very professional job, they understood our need well and presented us with excellent candidates who responded to what was required. Enjoy the experience and above all the "good mood" that we achieve in working together and always meeting the agreed times. It was a pleasure for me to have shared this process with them and it has been a highly recommended experience.
    Pablo Granado Director Human Capital PWC Argentina
  • When the need arose to hire a Chief Human Resources Officer for Pro Mujer, do not hesitate to contact Suarez Battan y Asociados. I had met them during a selection process as a "candidate" and I was able to verify their professionalism and human qualities. The search process for the CHRO position was conducted in a very professional manner and the candidates presented were excellent making the selection of the final candidate difficult. Communication throughout the process was done very effectively and quickly, from defining the profile to hiring the candidate, was done in less than a month.
    Rolando Schmidt Chief Financial Officer Pro Mujer Inc
  • We are very satisfied with the search we requested from you, and we will call you again if we need to find executive talent in the market.
    Hernán Marenco CEO La Cumbre San Luis (Hileret)
  • We entrusted you with a search for the senior management of our company, and everything turned out excellent and highly commendable. It was great how you delved into our needs and brought us very good candidates.
    Sabino Alvarez Shareholder La Gallega Supermercados
  • The search for a new CEO requested from Suarez Battan & Asociados was carried out through a flawless and professional process, where they presented us with strong candidates and it was completed on time. It was a very positive experience.
    Patricio Greco President Junior Achievement Argentina
  • We have felt accompanied, comfortable and challenged working with Suarez Battan & Asociados team. They are very professional and take care of all the details of the process. Genuine exchanges were generated, with high quality listening and communication, which favored the development of the process. It was possible to successfully close a challenging search with one of the good candidates from Argentina and Latam Region who were presented
    Claudia Nisebe Human Resources Manager Telecom Argentina
  • "Suarez Battan & Asociados´s team quickly interpreted our need and found the talent we need in the market. They and we are part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and that boosted the exchange and the work done. We are very satisfied"
    Ariel Arrieta co Founder & CEO NXTP Labs
  • "The search requested by the IAEF to Suarez Battan y Asociados was carried out in a very professional manner. We always felt supported, that they had control of the process, that they presented interesting candidates and that they were completed in the expected times. We agreed. "
    Alejandro Oberst President IAEF (Instituto Argentino de Ejecutivos de Finanzas)
  • "The search for the Executive Director for Endeavor Argentina was carried out by the team of Suarez Battan y Asociados in an effective, very professional manner and where we felt well accompanied in a process that was complex due to the profile requested and the governance of the institution."
    Juan Collado Director Endeavor
  • We are very satisfied with the process led by Eduardo Suarez Battan and Martina Uranga. He was conducted smoothly with seniority and professionalism. It was also very positive because it allowed us to choose between several candidates to fill the position. We were even able to think of alternatives to be able to enter a second candidate in another position. It is also important to note that the candidates felt very well treated and accompanied throughout the process ”.
    Sebastián Fernández Silva Director Human Capital Mercado Libre
  • “The search of top executives goes beyond a simple selection. We have found a very professional approach, which led to the identification of the right professional for the position we were trying to cover, and his successful hiring.”
    Carlos Pallotti Latin America CEO DataStream
  • "Due to the Group´s change of control, for the first time we faced the challenge of hiring a headhunter to fill a new position in our organization, very relevant for the management of Argentina. I chose Suarez Battan & Associates because I perceived that the firm would act with appropiate flexibility and empathy according to the size of the local company and also fulfilling with our multinational parent company´s demand. The process was very professional, we feel that we worked as a team, always with good response and compliance requirements, according to what was planned. We had the opportunity to interview several candidates with different profiles and at all times we felt accompanied in order to select the finalist to cover a such complex research due to the many responsibilities of the position. Both we and the management of our parent company, were very pleased with the result and with the way Eduardo Suarez Battan and Marcela Celorrio managed the process. I would recommend them for companies like ours that are growing SMEs, and they need to find talent market which suits their culture. "
    Dora Sassoni CEO Fondomonte (del Grupo Almarai - Arabia Saudita)
  • “The work conducted for Novell Chile was highly productive thanks to the excellent job done in understanding our needs and identifying appropriate candidates in a short period of time. I am fully satisfied and sure that we will continue working together in the near future.”
    José Almandoz Latin American Operations VP Novell
  • The search carried out by the firm Suarez Battan & Asociados left us very satisfied and it was an enriching experience with a good final result. The managerial position was covered within the established deadlines and following a very professional process.
    Jorge Mariano Roca General Manager Cristobal Colón
  • "We are very pleased with the services rendered by Suárez Battán's team. They conducted the search process with precision and always being ahead of facts. It was a very good team work to which we have all devoted our highest commitment and professionalism. We were happy to show our Corporate offices our efficiency and effectiveness in closing a complex search successfully in just 55 days, and with very good finalist candidates who were not working in Argentina."
    Néstor Baute Human Resources Regional Director Reckitt Benckiser Latin America
  • "I truly enjoyed working with the team of Suarez Battán. Their approach to the search, focus on understanding our company culture and professionalism helped us recruit the key player we were seeking on a very timely basis. The team's research and preparation enabled the best use of my limited time available for actual interviews. From initial research, through the interview process to final offer, they were a true partner. "
    Paul Paget Chief Executive Officer Core Security Technologies - USA
  • "Congratulations for the efficiency and efficacy shown in the search of COELSA´s General Manager. Even though in the presentations previous to the search you showed your good statistics, these were just very well presented “numbers”. In our case, you not only matched the best of your past results, but also exceeded our expectations, achieving all in record time. Our task was easy due to the high caliber of the candidates you pre-selected. This was the first time I worked with you. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to working together again soon."
    Jorge N. Nunes Director COELSA
  • "Suárez Battán's team has rendered an excellent service, both in terms of professional and human quality. Sharing the search and selection of a key member of our team with them has been a pleasant experience. We believe they have achieved a very good understanding of our needs, dealing efficiently with communication and schedules. We think we have found a consulting firm that deserves being considered a valid referent in terms of HR consulting.”
    Gabriela Canattelli Administration and Finance Director Fresenius Medical Care Argentina
  • "I want to emphasize the positive attitude, innovation and involvement of the team of Suárez Battán & Asociados that conducted the search. They always listened actively and receptively trying to give us their best during the whole process. It has been a positive experience and I appreciate the innovation of this firm that tries to differentiate from other headhunters adding value with their methodology, documentation of the process and high availability."
    Diego García Villanueva General Manager Newsan
  • "We hired Suarez Battán's team for the search of our Managing Director, which was completed successfully and to our full satisfaction. The firm presented excellent candidates, preceded by a very professional evaluation of each of them. We would definitely work with them in the future for complex executive searches.”
    Horacio A. Losoviz President Indra Argentina
  • “Suárez Battán's team did a great job understanding very clearly not only the business of our company but also the stage in which we were and the challenges facing us. They managed the process smoothly, though with the rhythm required to achieve our goals in a timely manner. They put the right amount of pressure on us to force us to do our part, even when the daily urgencies moved us in other direction. They came up with the right candidates in terms of professional background and cultural fit, so we could quickly make a decision and hire the one we thought was the best. Also, time has proved we were right, since the candidate was promoted to a more senior position only 3 months after he joined our company.”
    Vivian Cosey-Glover Vice-President Global Human Resources Merisant - USA
  • “We hired Suárez Battán's team to conduct the search because, not only do we trust them enough to be able to deal with very sensitive issues, but also because of their ability to understand our requirements based on their sound knowledge of the industry. Even though we were aware of these issues, we were gladly surprised by their methodology and follow-up of each step of the process. Their procedure gave us at all times a sense of tranquility, because we knew where we stood throughout the search.”
    Gabriel del Campo Señor VP Data Center & E-Business Global Crossing Latin America (ex IMPSAT)
  • "We hired them to conduct the search of our Channel Development Manager for Venezuela, a position in which it was essential to find someone who could adjust to our culture and face a complex challenge. They understood what we needed and we were able to hire the right executive for the position within the stipulated time and working closely together. We value their devotion and professionalism, and their systematic compliance with the different steps of their process, in which they have a methodology that adds value. Their clear messages, and the transparence with which they transmitted their steps and concerns from the very beginning, allowed me to generate a trust and comfort relationship key for this kind of hiring.”
    Pedro Sandalis Regional Manager South Latin America NetApp
  • "We are greatly satisfied with Suárez Battán's team work, as they deeply captured our need and the objective of the search. Not only was the position profile accurate but it also showed their clear understanding of technology. Additionally and equally important, all candidates matched the position’s requirements, which helped avoid frustrations and waste of time during the entire process. We have hired Suárez Battán's team on several occasions, both in Argentina and in Chile, and we have always felt very comfortable with their support and happy with the executives we have hired.”
    Gustavo Sorgente South of Latin American President Sun Microsystems
  • "Suárez Battán's team did an excellent job, understanding our requirements, finding good candidates in a short period of time and helping us hire the best ones. They have also worked on the on-boarding process with selected candidates. It is difficult for me to think what they might improve. Keep doing what you do!"
    Edilson Fuzetti Storage Regional Manager Sun Microsystems Latin America
  • “What we asked Suarez Battán's team was a real challenge, the position required a very special expertise. They got a very good understanding both of our business and of the profile of the executive we needed. Both their follow-up of all the stages of the process, and their role of support, keeping both parts informed were key to hire the selected candidate. We were always sure that they were controlling the process and available.”
    José Astolfi Managing Director GEFCO Argentina
  • “We felt really satisfied with the process conducted bySuarez Battan's team. They presented candidates who met our technical requirements, which were quite unique for the Argentine market. The firm’s expertise in the technology industry was key to achieve a successful result."
    Javier Carrique Regional Director Latin America BMC Software
  • "Suarez Battan & Asociados team offered me a professional work at distance which suited us mainly because their professional approach and results achieved within the agreed deadlines.These processes concerning "expatriating" talent from one country to another are always complex due to distance and there must be, from the headhunter, a methodology capable of ensuring the monitoring processes and also tact and international experience in their consultants. I found that this both things are active in the Suárez Battan & Associates team and would recommend it for any type of executive search involving talent searching to be exchanged between countries of the region. "
    Diego Puentes Commercial Director Grupo TV Cable (Ecuador)
  • “Since this was our first experience using a headhunter, we were rather skeptic and concerned, but we were fully satisfied and our expectations were surpassed. Suárez Battán´s team was extremely professional, they achieved a deep understanding of the industry and our coporate culture, which derived in the presentation of accurate candidates in line with our requirements. There was a constant fluent dialogue and good team-work, and deadlines were always met appropriately”.
    Christian Faria General Manager Securitas Argentina
  • “We hired Suárez Battán's team twice, and beyond the results we got, which were satisfactory, what I value most is that I felt that they were working for us from the very beginning. They are pragmatic, they do not accept any requirement, and found the best way to satisfy our need based on the reality of the market. I felt them as true partners, they kept us informed during the whole process, being permanently proactive and closing every initiated contact so as to leave a good image of our company in the market.”
    Carlos García Partner Everis
  • “I felt Suárez Battán's team as a true partner during the process they led. They clearly know about technology and the search had a good rythm despite some internal changes and the heavy workload we had at the Bank. Their continuous proactivity and the measurement of the duration of the process’ phases surprised me favorably.”
    José Luis Panero General Manager Banco Supervielle
  • “I feel I have received a truly professional service, with a good follow-up of all matters, and an accurate balance between formal and informal issues. Not only was the process efficient but also effective and I am sure I would hire them again.”
    Charles Héaulmé President Tetra Pak Argentina
  • "Although I have worked with other headhunters in my professional life, we chose Suarez Battan & Associates because they were not only well recommended, but also knew the technology industry which our business is based on. Eduardo Suarez Battan proved to be flexible and adapted the proposal to our possibilities and requirements. The process was carried out professionally and with a quick response that allowed to close it in less time than what we expected. They showed us several candidates with different profiles and helped us with the finalist selection and negotiation. Eveything turned too easy to pin considering it was a search that had many complexities and trade offs. We were very pleased with the work and the way that Suarez Battan & Associates carried out the process. I would recommend them for companies like ours, growing SMEs with change processes in its management. "
    Rubén Pietropaolo President Marketec
  • “Working with the Suarez Battan y Asociados Team was like working with people you have known for a long time. I never felt the difference between headhunter and client and to the contrary the passion and attention to detail dedicated to each of our needs is admirable. I very much enjoyed the process and highly recommend them because in addition to the excellent professional experience, I had the opportunity to have met wonderful people.”
    Julia Cacciapuoti Head of Recruiting Santander Tecnología - Banco Santander Argentina
  • "I want to express my deep gratitude to the Suarez Batán & Asociados team for their extraordinary support during the executive evaluation and coaching process. Thanks to their personalized intervention, we were able to effectively prepare one of our valuable collaborators, enhancing their leadership skills and getting them ready to take on a challenging managerial role. We wholeheartedly recommend the services of Suarez Batán & Asociados to any organization seeking excellence and concrete results."
    Miguel Celorrio CEO Farmanet
  • " The initial order that we made to team Suárez Battán & Asociados team meant the challenge of engaging in the particular world of education. We first ordered the search of a person for the HR area. We established excellent dialogue channels that led to very suitable candidates for the position. Having been very pleased with the hiring that emerged from this search, then we then asked them to work with us in other tasks in order to enhance the organization and to focus on the development of our people thinking in the School´s medium and long term. We are pleased to note that all these tasks have been conducted with great professionalism by all consultants , having shown high commitment and honesty in their work. In addition the Suárez Battán & Asociados team has always offered us support not only in the field work , but also after when they finished their services with a very good track that stands out in the market."
    Alejandro Dillon President Fundación Colegio Michael Ham
  • “The work conducted by Suárez Battán's team for us in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay was worth every penny. The quality of their analysis, the clarity of the process and their support for the feedbacks, have been extremely valuable for us. I want to congratulate them specially for their objectiveness and professional integrity.”
    Alejandro Pineda (borrado) COO Royal & Sun Alliance International
  • "The work conducted by Suarez Battan's team to evaluate the competences and skills of several of our top executives in Latin America, has been characterized by its high quality and accuracy. Not only did they give me an objective picture of the team but they also provided good suggestions in terms of development plans. The exercise even enabled me to relocate some executives and promotion some other high-potential ones. I was fully satisfied with their services."
    Ricardo Garcia Holtz Latin America Regional President Seguros Interamericana - Chile
  • “Suarez Battán's team Performance Analysis of our Management Team not only gave us a more comprehensive knowledge of our key executives’ competences, but it also enabled us to have a deeper understanding of the way in which we could take a better advantage of the resources we had as a team. Taking into account its recommendations, we enforced several changes aimed at improving our organization as a whole and making focused investments in the development of our executives. Two years after that Team Performance Analysis, the company had gained market share and recognition in the Chilean IT market."
    Gustavo Sorgente Managing Director Andean, Central America and Caribbean Sun Microsystems
  • "Suárez Battán's team successfully conducted the search of a new General Manager for our Company. The selection process was conducted following the highest professional standards. They presented us candidates who were very appropriate for our needs and supported our interests in a balanced way, allowing us to select the correct person in the best possible way and time. The energy transmitted, the permanent communication during negotiations – both with us and with the candidate - and a deep reference-check process were key for success and exceeded our expectations.”
    Ricardo García (borrado) Vicepresident Marketing & Sales Iron Mountain Latin America
  • “We are very satisfied with the professionalism of Suárez Battán's team. Not only did they carry out the search efficiently and according to the agreed schedule, but the process also gave us additional added value to our own internal selection processes. Our concerns were always considered and we were informed on what was going on all the time, which allowed us to close the process without surprises and with an excellent candidate.”
    Ricardo Fernández (borrado) Director Datco - Argentina
  • “I was positively surprised by the team of Suarez Battan since from the very beginning they invested a lot of time in “understanding and becoming familiar with” our business, which enabled them to become a true “partner” in the search process. The quality of candidates submitted by them was outstanding, as well as their personal involvement and dedication to the project. I would undoubtedly hire them again.”
    Jean-Christophe Brindeau (borrado) CEO Grupo Casino