Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable to the use of this website, as well as all the information collected, stored, used, and treated by Suárez Battán y Asociados (hereinafter SBA) by different media, including without limitation: this website, software applications, networks social, e-mails, telephone, virtual and face-to-face interviews, surveys, resumes, information provided by third parties, etc.

This Privacy Policy will be understood to be accepted without limitations or reservations by anyone and everyone who accesses the SBA website and / or its social networks,as well as those who provide information to be considered as potential search candidates and / or other services provided by SBA. The use of the site implies knowledge and acceptance of the Privacy Policy. In no case will accept the ignorance of it. If you do not agree with the Policy Privacy, you must refrain from using this website.

The use of this website and / or the sending of information to SBA by any means implies the express, free, and informed consent of the users and / or data holders personal, in the terms of article 5 of law 25,326, for the collection, storage, use and processing of personal data by SBA, such as also for the possibility of their transfer provided for in article 11 of the law 25,326, and / or for the purposes of being used for the purposes indicated herein.

The information collected, stored, used, and processed, will be used for the provision of services provided by SBA. It may be fully or partially disclosed to SBA clients within the framework of the services provided, requesting the same confidentiality regarding it. Likewise, it may be used to contact potential candidates for the searches carried out and to communicate with them.

Different types of information may be collected, stored, used and processed, including without limitation: name, date of birth, marital status, gender, nationality, address,phone number, email address, resumes provided by potential candidates (employment history, training, professional credentials, membership in professional organizations, skills, hobbies, and / or any other information included therein, etc.), data from previous jobs, references provided or not by the candidates, salaries, compensation, benefits, and conditions and job expectations, etc. They may also be collected, stored, used and processed personal photographs of potential candidates provided by them or that are available on the Internet and / or social networks.

Likewise, information may be requested, collected, stored, used and processed to carry out evaluations, surveys, analysis, market research, and prepare reports that will be disclosed to third parties, in which the information will be found disassociated from personal data. Likewise, it may be collected, stored, used and treated information in order to carry out evaluations and provide the results of the same to customers.

SBA will not be responsible in any way for the information collected and stored, trusting in the veracity of it, both when it is provided by potential candidates for job searches, as by third parties, and / or by being available in other databases and / or Internet and / or social networks.

SBA may create profiles with the information collected and provide them to clients in the framework of services provided by SBA and to identify potential opportunities professionals and / or work that could be of interest to potential candidates, to which you can contact.

SBA may contact potential candidates for search processes, and to references and / or other third parties to perform reference and information checks related to potential candidates, being able to collect, store, use and process also the information thus obtained.

SBA may also contact you and / or third parties regarding other services provided by SBA.

SBA is not responsible in any way for its customers' use of the information that is provided to them, it being understood that the acceptance of this Privacy implies acceptance of the disclaimer established herein and the waiver by the holders of personal data to make any claim for any reason to SBA in such circumstances, including without limitation by damages.

SBA shall disclose collected and / or stored information when provided by the applicable regulations and / or at the request of the competent authority. You can also do so in defense of their rights and / or interests.

Beyond the administrative and technological measures adopted by SBA for the safeguarding and protecting the information collected, it is not possible to ensure that the systems and platforms used by SBA, whether their own or those of third parties, guarantee that third parties may eventually access the stored information, since they do not there are totally invulnerable and / or infallible systems or platforms. SBA is not liable in any way for the use made by third parties in relation to the information to which they have accessed without the consent of the SBA. Consequently, users release SBA from all liability in the event of that third parties, whether they are intruders who violate security systems, or not, have access to information and / or take any action that harms one or more users, it being understood that each user renounces to make a claim for damages and / or damages for any concept to SBA in the event of the occurrence of any of these circumstances.

Both the information collected, stored, used and / or processed, as well as the profiles that where appropriate they are made with it, they will be saved in the databases of SBA, leaving personal data subject to the application of law 25,326 and others applicable regulations in the Argentine Republic. The holders of the information will have right of access to the information collected and stored, as well as to request its update, rectification or deletion, as established in the regulations applicable.

If any user so wishes, they may request that it be removed from the database both the data collected such as the profiles that may have been created from it, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations. This could imply that the user does not be taken into account for eventual job opportunities.

In cases where SBA directly and / or indirectly redirects to third party sites or hyperlinks, and / or makes available in form, articles, reports and / or publications of third parties, SBA is not responsible in any way for the content, veracity, reliability, accuracy and authenticity of the same, nor of the policy of privacy and the terms and conditions applicable to them.

SBA will not be liable in any way for any direct, indirect damage and / or accidental of any kind, related to the access or use of this website, including but not limited to any damage or loss caused by viruses or malware that affect your computer or systems, and / or the reliability and accuracy of the information obtained directly and / or indirectly through this website.

This site may use a tracking system using "cookies" and / or other similar technologies, which are small files that are sent by the visited page and are They are housed on the computer's hard drive, taking up little space. This technology is you can use to obtain certain information, for example interests of who visits the site and the duration of each visit, as well as to improve the experience of the users visiting the site. Users are made aware that by using the options of your browser may limit or restrict according to your will the hosting of these "cookies". The user acknowledges and accepts that if he configures his device to reject cookies, this could eventually affect the functionality of the site and / or that theuser cannot have access to certain functionalities.

This Privacy Policy may be modified or replaced at any time moment by SBA without the consent of the users, being the new terms and conditions applicable to all users. It will be available on this site web and / or in any other digital medium. The Privacy Policy will be available at the SBA website, being the responsibility of its users to consult them.

This Privacy Policy will be governed by the law in force in the Argentine Republic. Any emerging conflict in relation to it, its interpretation and / or application, will be submitted to the National Commercial Courts of the City Autonomous of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic, the parties renouncing any other jurisdiction and / or jurisdiction that may be applicable in your case.

In the event that any provision of this Privacy Policy is total or partially invalid, illegal, null, unenforceable and / or unenforceable, this will not impede the validity, legality, validity, enforceability and enforceability of the other party of the provision in question and / or the other provisions of this Privacy Policy. If in doubt, the validity of the provisions will always prevail.

It is reported that the National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data has the attribution to address the complaints and claims that are filed in relation to the breach of the rules on personal data protection