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A. Executive Search

Our job is based on a systematic methodology and a phased process. We first learn as much as possible about the needs and culture of the client company. Then, we search and identify the most suitable profiles in the market, according to the requirements and challenges of the position.

We offer a truly professional service throughout the process, establishing a close relationship with our candidates and clients, which enables us to successfully close our searches and measure our results.

B. Business Agility

Practice that allows diagnosing the level of business agility of a management team, both individually and as a group, which is key to achieving the digital transformation of a company or organization.

It is a process based on a methodology that "measures" the six pillars that make up the agility of a professional (self-knowledge, results, leadership, mental, interaction, and change) and that has three stages.

These stages are:

  • Analysis of the Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats of the company (SWOT) understanding the business strategy, the organizational structure and the information systems.
  • Individual online interviews and online psychotechnical test of the executive team.
  • Preparation of a final report, which contains a qualitative and quantitative opinion and recommendations.

This final report has easy-to-understand information and graphs that assesses individual and group agility to provide feedback to each manager and the company to recommend actions aimed at improving the agility of the management team.

C. Management Assessment

This methodology allows assessing key executives of a company objectively about their aptitudes, competencies, areas of development as well as the dynamics of the management team as a whole.

It is a structured process based on a methodology that provides information to make recommendations.

  • Values human capital and potential capable of facing objectives and corporate culture.
  • Appraises management team leadership to achieve the company strategy.
  • Allows taking action at both individual and management team level.

For the last 15 years we have evaluated more than 25 management teams, totaling more than 200 executives in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Central America. These evaluations have enabled our clients to make their management structures more efficient, and generate plans to maximize the development and potential of each of the executives that went through the process.